Internal and External Comments
Theo Miller
January 19th, 2023

Prospective customers often mention that they have a hard time adopting new tools that are specialized for production because—although they are better suited to the work that they do—they're just not as reliable as generalized tools.

That's why we built a very clear and user-friendly way to set comment visibility. You just toggle the switch to Internal and External and you can clearly see the badge that will be associated with each state. Then you'll see it on comments that are featured directly on the Review page, in the Revisions tab when logged into the app, and in the Report modal when reviewing user feedback inside of the app as well.

In addition to comment visibility, this week also sees the arrival of the Episode Selector. Previously, you had to use three fields to select an episode: Series, Season, and Episode. Now that all works magically in one field.

Take a look at that! Super efficient and fun. Let us know if you have any questions, otherwise we'll follow up with another post after our next major release.