A version control system for audio and video
Crafted with love for production houses and digital agencies
Production management
Streamline revisions and approvals
Compare versioned media assets
Automate production workflows


Accelerate your production velocity

Stop relying on spreadsheets, email threads, and file folders

Version Control

Keep track of production and marketing assets with a smart, intuitive interface that’s accessible throughout the Hit Start platform. No more digging through file trees trying to decipher confusing file names.

Automatic versioning
Each time an editor uplaods a new cut, it's associated with episode. This way, it's always clear which cut is the most recent and you don't have to play the guessing game ever again.
Dropbox and Google Drive integrations
Either store all your files directly on the Hit Start platform, or connect the file management platform of your choice. Files appear throughout the platform for easy access either way.
Easy access
Whether you're creating a review, or uploading an asset for an outstanding task, all the features on Hit Start connect to one another so you don't have to waste time clicking around.

Streamlined Reviews

Designed for internal and external episode reviews, Hit Start uses artificial intelligence to generate interactive transcripts. Marketing reviews also allow you to review all downstream content.

Interactive transcripts
When you highlight the transcript or the waveform, that audio snippet then lives with your comment for everyone to hear. It makes life easier on audio editors and producers alike.
Marketing reviews
Curate all your marketing materials, from blog posts to audiograms, in once place. Great for interdepartmental collaboration and feedback from show guests.
Guest reviewers
Guests and clients don't have to create an account to leave a review. Each user is sent a unique link that allows them to post comments with their name and without any friction.

Production Management

See the real-time status of every episode in production. Create a set of recurring tasks. Invite the whole team to automatically stay in sync.

Constant activity updates
Receive notifications when a new edit is uploaded, tasks are completed, and episodes are published. No one has to play traffic cop anymore.
Custom production cycles
Create a production cycle once. Then when you add an episode, it populates with tasks. You can even customize each episode's production tasks from there by forking it.
Adaptable framework
Each series can have a custom set of stages. Add task statuses can mirror your process as well. Hit Start adapts to you, not the other way around.
Dark mode
Light mode
Give your eyes a rest. Hit Start is themed in dark and light mode to protect your vision during those late night sessions that always seem to happen.


Hit Start

Production management software born out of a firsthand need

Before launching a software platform, Hit Start produced podcasts for some of the biggest names in tech. It's true. We produced podcasts with a small team of digital creatives. This included shows for Lyft, Klaviyo, Carta, and more.
Then one day, there was a client that needed a clearer sense of when production was finished on an episode. So we hacked together a Review Page using WordPress. Three months later we began crafting software full-time, and built the product you see today.
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